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Below there is a table of tested controllers with the Steam Link, and comments about the status. Please add any new controller you tested.

How each controller works Edit

Because there is more than one form to connect your controller to Steam Link, is specified different forms to connect it:

  • Native: Works wirelessly with Bluetooth or proprietary protocol (like the Steam Controller). You don't need any additional hardware to use it. It will be displayed as a XInput Game Controller.
  • Adapter: You need to purchase an adapter to use it wireless, usually the same one you use it on your PC. Steam Link recognizes the adapter and send the inputs as XInput.
  • USB: You can connect the controller wired to the system and will be recognized.
  • VirtualHere (VH): Beta builds of Steam Link firmware can share one USB port with the host computer through VH. It requires extra configuration by the user. Since it's a license limitation to use more than one USB device, users can't use more than one device through VirtualHere. It is unclear if this limitation could be removed in the future for free or purchasing a license ($39).
  • Beta build 572 (Feb 17) appears to allow remapping of buttons on plugging in USB device. Perfect mapping achieved with 3rd party PS2 DualShock 2 (Tevion) which had USB and PS2 interfaces. Previously, incorrect mapping was the same as the Mayflash adapter entry below.
Controller Works? How? Comments
Steam Controller Yes Native, Adapter, USB. Native support.
Wireless Xbox 360 Yes USB. Needs adapter, works natively with Steam Link. Wired controller works. Wired with charge and play attempts to connect to Xbox 360 and therefore does not work.
PS3 Controller Yes Native, USB. Natively supported wired and wireless (since beta build 554). To pair over bluetooth: connect via USB cable press PS button. Unplug USB cable then press again PS button and now DS3 works over bluetooth. Some clones (CECHZC2H Bluetooth DualShochIII and OUBANG PS3 Controller Wireless Dualshock3) won't work wirelessly.[1]
Xbox One Controller Yes USB, Adapter + VH. Wired works as expected. Steam Link doesn't support the wireless adapter alone, but through VirtualHere it's supposed to work. [2] (Model 1537 and 1697)
Xbox One S Controller Yes Native, USB. Wired still works, newer version (2016 onwards, sold as "Xbox Wireless Controller") can be paired native using Bluetooth. (Model 1708). The controller support Rumble over Bluetooth after update. [3]
PS4 Controller Yes Native, USB. Wired or wireless works. Press the PS button + Share to power up to be detected by Steam Link.
Wii U Pro Controller Yes Native, Adapter. Works natively, but ABXY are mapped like they are in the controller, which is in different order than X360 which emulates. Buttons can be reconfigured in the controller menu.
Tomee Snes USB Yes USB Works natively, buttons are mapped differently, apparently some games don't acknowledge L & R.
Wiimote No Bluetooth Detected, but doesn't respond to interface. Hasn't been tested with Dolphinbar nor Bluetooth through VirtualHere.
Xbox 360 Controller Yes Native,

Adapter, USB

Works natively 100%, buttons are correctly mapped.
Nvidia Shield Controller Yes Native,


Works natively over USB; the wireless mode only works with WiFi Direct and even then only with the Shield Portable, Tablet and TV. Buttons mapped correctly. Mouse trackpad is detected but doesn't really work, though the mouse 1 & 2 buttons do.
SteelSeries Stratus XL (for Windows) Yes Native Works via bluetooth. Some buttons were mapped incorrectly
SteelSeries Free Yes Native Works via Bluetooth in Android/Windows mode
OUYA Controller Not really Bluetooth Detected by Steam Link as a "Joystick." Works for the Big Picture interface (with "U" as back) but beyond that games were unplayble with inputs not being detected and other strange behavior (dpad up as steam home button?)
Magic Joy Box [PS2] Mostly USB Works, but buttons are mapped incorrectly. Start=Home, R1=Start, L1=Back, R2=RB, L2=LB, X=X, Triangle=A, Circle=B, Square=Y.

Will not work if GCN controller plugged in. Analog button enables/disables sticks.

Magic Joy Box [Xbox] Mostly USB Works, but buttons are mapped incorrectly. No home button. White=RB, Black=X, Y=LB, X=Y, L=LT, R=RT.
Magic Joy Box [GCN] Mostly USB Works, but some buttons are mapped incorrectly. No Home button. Z=Back, R=RB, L=LB, C-Left=LT, C-Down=RT.

Prevents PS2 controller from workign if plugged in

MayFlash [PS2] Mostly USB Works, but buttons are mapped incorrectly. Start=Home, R1=Start, R2=Back, L1=RB, L2=LB, X=X, Triangle=A, Circle=B, Square=Y.

Analog button enables/disables sticks.

MayFlash [N64] No USB Aside from the D-Pad, Stick, Start, A, and L buttons, nothing worked
MayFlash [Saturn] Yes USB

Works with both first-party regular and 3D controllers. Joystick configuration is possible on Steam Link, but the button mapping menu is finicky, so it may require several tries.

May not work with some third-party controllers.

MayFlash [PS3] Yes Adapter, Adapter + VH, USB. Works wireless with Mayflash PS3003 adapter. For multiple (up to 4) controller support, requires switching adapter to Direct Input mode + VH (otherwise use Xinput mode and no VH).
iBuffalo SNES Controller Mostly USB Buttons work in Steam, but unable to navigate with D-pad (configurable in Steam?). Works in games that support it (Retroarch for example).
Rainbow Force Silver Yes USB Works, I think the buttons are mapped correctly. The cheapest gamepad of the list
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller No Bluetooth Partially works, left joystick lacks full range in forward direction meaning full movement speed can't be obtained. When connected directly to PC  the same issue can be corrected by calibrating the controller, however there is no means to correct the problem when connected over steam link. 
Nintendo Switch Joycons Yes* Bluetooth Works but you need to manually map the buttons and you are limited as the controller only has a single joystick and a small number of buttons. Unable to use a pair of joycons as a single controller at least by default means. Somewhat useful for multiplayer games with few inputs however if you lack controllers.

*=A recent firmware update from Nintendo may have removed the Joy Cons' ability to pair with the Steam Link

PowerA Nintendo Switch Wireless Gamecube Controller Yes Bluetooth Works well but you need to manually map the buttons in the steam link controller menu.
Asus TV500BG Wireless Gaming Controller Yes Bluetooth Works perfectly. Buttons need to be mapped after pairing but no issues in function.
Retrolink N64 Controller No USB Few buttons work, insufficient to play any games.
Unitec U.S.A double controller (generic chinese ps2 type) Yes USB Works natively 100%, buttons are mapped differently but can be remapped on steam. When configuring on the link or the main steam app only the second controller is recognized correctly but the configuration aplies to the two controllers and works perfect.
Genius maxfire g-12u Yes USB Works natively 100%, buttons are mapped differently but can be remapped on steam.
PowerA Mini PS3 Controller Yes USB Works natively 100% and mapped correctly.
Piranha Xtreme PC33 Dual Shock Controller No USB Isn't even detected. (Android app)
PowerA Xbox One Wired Controller Yes USB Detected during initial setup but did not function, after Steam Link updated controller works perfectly.
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