This page will go over how to successfully create a game page without any issues.


Before doing anything, make sure the game page you want to create falls within the notability policy, otherwise it will be automatically removed. If it does, you're set to start making your page.

The article name of game pages should always be just the game name if possible. If you wanted to create a game page about a game called "The Best Game", you would simply name the article "The Best Game". However, if this is not possible and there is a page conflict, such as a page name already being taken up by this name, then the article name should have the suffix "(game)", so "The Best Game" would turn into "The Best Game (game)".


After you have created your article page, you will need to set up your infobox. For game pages, the game infobox is always used, so make sure you have gone through its documentation. You will need to fill out a few different sections that may be difficult.

  • Header: The header of the game should be the cover image as seen on the game page. Right click this image, hit "Save Image", download it to your PC and head to Special:Upload to upload it. The file name should be the game name and nothing else, without spaces (ex. The header name on Half-Life is HalfLife.png)
  • ID: To fill out the ID parameter, you'll need the game's ID. This can be found in the URL of the game, after "app" and before the game name.

The ID (highlighted in yellow) is always found after "app" and before the game name in the URL.

  • Genre & Release Date: The genre and release date is not always readily apparent. They can be found in a little box near the bottom of the page.

The location of the small box.

  • ESRB Rating: The ESRB rating can sometimes be shown on the game page, but not always. If it is not present, you can head to the offical ESRB site and enter the game title in the search bar.


All game pages must start off with the following blurb:

  • If the publisher and developer is the same company: '''''[gamename]''''' is a [genre] video game developed and published by [company], released on [releasedate].
  • If the published and developer are NOT the same company: '''''[gamename]''''' is a [genre] video game developed by [developer] and published by [publisher], released on [releasedate].

Any text after this blurb can be your own.


Directly after the blurb, you must put the game description, which is found on the Steam game page. The text in the description should be italicized.

  • If the description is short (1-2 paragraphs): Italicize the text and place it under the description header.
  • If the description is long (3+ paragraphs): Italicize the text BUT place it in a collapsible div. This can be done by placing <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"> at the very beginning of the description and </div> at the end.