SteamWiki's policies and guidelines are outlined on this page. It is recommended that users read this page in its entirety before beginning to edit, as it lays out basic information on how this wiki works, and how to edit constructively.


Conduct policies listed here describe how to act while on this wiki, interact with other users and explain how this wiki is operated.


Policy created by FANDOM is enforced through every community and wiki hosted by FANDOM. This includes the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use (ToU). Policies created by FANDOM are maintained through every community and wiki; therefore, SteamWiki's staff is not able to control these policies and what is added to them.

Talk pages

Be civil. When you are using talk pages to discuss article matters with other users, do not incite incivility or flame wars, and stay on topic to the topic the talk page follows. Do not make personal comments about other users, or be aggressive in the face of confrontation. If another user is bothering you or trying to deliberately cause incivility, do not engage and let a staff member know.


Content policies listed here describe what content should be added to the wiki, how to maintain it and whether or not to remove certain content.


Content added to the wiki should be written from a neutral point of view, meaning that any bias or partiality towards a particular subject should not be taken into effect when adding said content. If two different sources contradict each other, information being presented with said sources should be cited instead of presenting the information as fact. If information being added is not verifiable, it must not be stated as fact, instead asserted as opinion; if information becomes verifiable through means of a new source, it may be referenced and changed to fact.


Information in mainspace articles should be verifiable, meaning that any information added should be retrieved from a trusted source and placed in the article via use of a citation. Citations are not required on every article, unless information has been objected to by other users or is vague and requires use of a citation to help elaborate or backup information. Information that is widely known, or proven to be restating information that is able to be deduced by means of common sense, does not need to be cited.


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