Steam Profile, or just Profile, is a user-created profile associated with a Steam Account. Profiles were introduced mid-2007 along with Steam Communities and serves as Steam's primary user profiling system.


When registering for an account, users are prompted to create a profile to help other users distinguish you from others. Customization features include profile backgrounds, avatars, profile description and the ability to feature a Steam Badge. Users may edit their profile at any time by clicking the Edit Profile button on the top right of their profile.

Profile Levels

Profile Levels are shown on the top-right hand of the user's profile, and provide benefits such as Showcasing unlocks, increasing the amount of friends a user can have at one time and increase the chance of a booster pack drop.

A user's Profile Level.

Users may increase their level by crafting badges, collecting games, complete community tasks, obtaining event badges and automatically by owning a Steam account. Users that are Account Limited may not increase their level.


Users may activate "Showcases" on the edit menu of their profile. All users start with one showcase by default, and earn a showcase every 10 levels, with a maximum of 13 showcases at one time; multiple of the same showcase on a single profile is not supported.

There are 15 different showcases in all; Rarest Achievement Showcase, Game Collector, Item Showcase, Items Up For Trade, Badge Collector, Favorite Game, Screenshot Showcase, Custom Info Box, Favorite Group, Review Showcase, Workshop Showcase, Your Workshop Showcase, Favorite Guide, Achievement Showcase and Salien Stats.